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Explore properties personally owned by Managing Broker, Connor J. Delaney. These assets highlight his commitment to commercial real estate and exemplify White Oak Realty's signature quality and attention to detail.

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Constructed in 1939, The Ingersoll Theater, designed by Wetherell & Harrison, once flourished as a part of A.H. Blanks' Tri-State Theater chain and later as the Ingersoll Dinner Theater. Located in the "Miller Tract-Center-Soll Community Historic District", its distinct Streamline Moderne design is highlighted by the last marquee of it's type in the city of Des Moines. After years of neglect led to severe damage, Ingersoll Theater, LLC acquired and began restoring the building in 2022. Our hope is to revamp the theater,  blending its rich heritage with modern adaptations. 

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Nestled in the heart of Des Moines' Highland Park neighborhood, French Way Cleaners & Dyers has stood as a beacon of community and service since 1924. Originating from a burgeoning commercial node that spurred the growth of the area, French Way not only reflects the evolution of the local economy but also the architectural ingenuity of its era. Designed by Frederick A. Harris and featuring stonework from Des Moines' own Rowat Cut Stone Co., its distinctive Prairie style and striking façade sculptures by Walter Sutton have made it an indelible part of the city's fabric.

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The Wherry Block was constructed in 1887 in what was then the suburb of North Des Moines by S.C. Wherry, a local contractor-builder. He built it as an investment and an income-producing property. It was the first of the commercial buildings built at this intersection, which was one of two commercial areas in North Des Moines. The two-story brick structure reflects the styling of the Late Victorian era with cast stone trim work, window hood molds on the second floor, and a pressed metal cornice. The commercial space on the main level has three storefronts, and four apartment units on the second floor. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. In 2005 the building was thoughtfully and extensively renovated by local non-profit, NDC. A new building was constructed to the north of the old building. Its architectural style complements the older structure

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Wherry Anchor

Nestled in the heart of the city, the historic strip mall at 3619 Ingersoll stands as a testament to the evolution of Ingersoll retail. Built in 1925 as a walkable retail hub, it has witnessed decades of change, while retaining its charm and architectural significance. The building was purchased by local artisans Alan McDermott and Marty Grund in 2001. With their competent team, they ran a successful Stained Glass Store in this location for many years. In a new chapter of its storied history, the building was acquired by Connor Delaney in December 2017. Delaney's light renovations paved the way for a diverse range of tenants – a bar, a barber shop, and two unique boutiques. These tenants have not only preserved the historical essence of the space but also infused it with a contemporary spirit, making the strip mall a focal point of community life and a symbol of adaptive reuse in urban spaces.

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607 37th Street
Des Moines, Iowa
View Renovation Jungle 

Formerly Tanglefoot Dance studio, renovated and leased by Allie Delaney, Jake Kashuk, and Renovation Jungle in 2020.

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The Hamilton House embodies the enduring spirit of Augustus Aldolphus Hamilton, a craftsman who shaped Des Moines' commerce with his hardware business before venturing into real estate. Despite the Great Depression, he established the prestigious Hamilton Apartments in 1931, a symbol of architectural ambition and community enrichment. Completed in 1934, this grand project remains a testament to Hamilton's legacy, marking the city's landscape with a blend of history and progress.

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515 Euclid Ave
Highland Park, Des Moines, Iowa

This address is a contributing resource in the "Highland Park Historic Business District." The nomination states that the building was built in 1913 as Dr. Frederick Alden's Medical Office after a design by architect E.B. Collins. The building is in the midst of a full restoration. The whole of the exterior has been thoughtfully and totally redone. The historic elements have been restored and retained both inside and out. 

515 Euclid Anchor

2206 Indianola Ave
Des Moines, Iowa

Constructed in 1910, the building at 2206 Indianola Avenue stands as a landmark of early 20th-century architecture. Its robust structure and design reflected the architectural trends and urban development of its era. However, over the course of a century, this historic edifice faced the ravages of time, gradually falling into disrepair and losing much of its original luster. Despite these challenges, a recent and comprehensive renovation has breathed new life into the building.

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