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Constructed in 1939, The Ingersoll Theater, designed by Wetherell & Harrison, once flourished as a part of A.H. Blanks' Tri-State Theater chain and later as the Ingersoll Dinner Theater. Located in the "Miller Tract-Center-Soll Community Historic District", its distinct Streamline Moderne design is highlighted by a unique marquee. After years of neglect led to extensive damage, under Ingersoll Theater, LLC, Delaney and White Oak Realty acquired and stabilized the structure to ensure no further deterioration. The owners are currently in discussions with 2 competent and experienced venue/food and beverage operators. We are trying to be as thoughtful as possible picking an operator. Should a tenant not commit soon we will have to be more flexible as to the future use. 



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Connor J. Delaney, the proud owner of the iconic "The Ingersoll Theater," is deeply committed to preserving the historical essence of this remarkable landmark. With a keen sense of responsibility towards the community, he envisions a future where this historic property thrives as a testament to its rich heritage. In these uncertain economic times, Connor recognizes the importance of patience and thoughtful stewardship. He is dedicated to safeguarding the theater's historic fabric, ensuring that its unique charm endures for generations to come. The preservation of The Ingersoll Theater's legacy is paramount. The ultimate dream for this space is to transform it into a vibrant hub for arts and culture. Connor envisions a place where creativity flourishes, where the community can come together to celebrate the performing arts, and where memories are created. Alongside this, he aims to introduce a high-quality food and beverage component, enriching the overall experience for visitors. Connor understands that the realization of this optimal vision may require adaptability and flexibility. While the primary goal is to establish an arts and culture venue with a top-notch culinary offering, he remains open to other possibilities that align with the theater's historical significance and community needs. The Ingersoll Theater's future is an exciting and dynamic journey, and Connor J. Delaney invites the community to be a part of it. Together, we can ensure that this cherished landmark continues to stand as a symbol of cultural heritage and artistic expression. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to engage with this transformative project. Your support and enthusiasm are essential as we shape the future of The Ingersoll Theater.

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  • New EPDM roof installed for longevity and protection.

  • Updated with new gutters and downspouts to safeguard structural integrity.

  • Complete interior demolition, preparing for modern enhancements.

  • Temporary lighting installed, highlighting ongoing progress.

  • Exterior block repairs finished, maintaining historic aesthetic.

  • Design phase nearing completion, blending tradition with innovation.

  • Approved for Federal Historic Tax Credits, recognizing cultural significance.

  • Building secured to be tight and dry, ensuring resilience.

  • Historic elements carefully retained, preserving the theater's legacy.

Mickey Rooney 2001
Dinner Theater Days
Grandma Mary's Customer Ticker for 3. Great Grandma, Grandma, and Connor saw the Velveteen Rabbit.
October 5th opening, 1939
Late 1930's
Now in technicolor
1939 Architectural Drawings
Producer Chuck Carnes - 1999
1939 Architectural Drawing
Billie McNabb helps actor Brad Church prep for _Hercules_ 1997.
Special pricing for grand opening.
Grand Opening Advertisement, Late 1939.
1995 - Dinner Theater Director Dave Barr
Brenda McConahay rehearsing Cinderalla, 1998
The opening show
Grand Opening soon!
Chuck Carnes 1996
Choosing a site
Teddy the plastic rat, 1998
New plan for Ingersoll
Tri State owned by A/H Blank
Happy faces
1939 historical photo in color


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